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Dangers of Waist Training

A lot of experts agree that investing yourself in waist training can be a dangerous risk, especially if you’re not doing it right. Why? Here are the reasons.

  • It causes unwanted rashes. When your skin rubs against each other from wearing a waist trainer from time to time, it gets irritated and creates a rash. This happens when your skin is moist while wearing the constrictive device and sweating.
  • It constricts proper breathing. Wearing a waist trainer is like someone putting a plastic bag on your head, making it difficult to breathe. Since most waist trainers squeezes your body, it also prevents your lungs from properly expanding. If it constantly happens, it will cause to more permanent effects such as lung infections.
  • It can break your ribs. If you wear it tight for a very long time, there’s a good chance your ribcage will just give up and break.
  • It squeezes your internal organs. All of your organs inside, including stomach, liver and intestines will be squeezed in an uncomfortable and unhealthy positions.